Taste from Ethiopia.

The ultimate Place for Ethiopian Food Lovers.

Extraordinarily Flavourful.

Ethiopian Food Eaten with Friends and Family.
Come & Enjoy Injera & a mix of dishes we provide.

Say Hello To GEBETA.

Injera with different stews, curries, or vegetables with extra rolls of injera.

How We Work

Food Served Hot

Food is well flavored with a mixture of different spices and herbs, not extremely spicy heat, but rather very well seasoned!

Ample Options

Starting from our starters, we have dishes made of beef, lamb, chicken, various vegetables, kids meal, meals to share and combination meals and without forgetting our special beverages.


In-House Brewery

Ethiopean Buna Be Jebena (Coffee) Ceremony
This leisurely ceremony starts with the roasting of green coffee beans in the kitchen, the smoking pan of aromatic beans is brought to your table. The coffee is served from a Jabena (clay coffee pot), poured into small traditional cups.

Tasty & Healthy

Our Food Menu

Why choose Us?

Beautiful Location.Food Tastes Better when you are in Good Location.

Our cozy dinning room with Beautiful Ethiopean artwork makes it a comfortable, intimacty place to dine out with friends and loved ones.

Effective Planning

Feel the Taste.Ethiopian food incorporates spicy, earthy, pungent and tart flavors.

Ethiopian food is full of earthy, spicy and tangy flavors and rich, creamy textures.

Why choose Us?

African beverages.A Selection of Ethiopian Beverages.

In everyday life people enjoy fermented beverages, Tella, tej, areki, borde, and shamita are drinks you can enjoy in our restaurant.

Sweet & Delicious

Our Various Menu


What We Do

Expert & Skillful

Our Chefs

John Doe

Fig Nelson


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28 Great Hampton Street, Hockley
Birmingham, B18 6AA

Opening Time

Mon - Thu | 13:00 - 23:00 Hours
Fri - Sat | 13:00 - 01:00 Hours
Sun | 14:00 - 00:00

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